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Joe Tarantini
Ralph Eppling

JAT Design
11590 Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, Alabama 35803

Phone: (256) 781-0111, (256) 631-8190, (256) 489-6737

Business Description: Seat belt and seating specialists manufacturing and promoting 3rd row seating for SUV’s, stations wagons, 4 wheel drives and other vehicles.

From taking the kids to soccer practice to carting a family size load of shopping, 3rd row seating is designed with your family in mind.

With a growing family, having the flexibility to fit in everyone and everything you need to is essential. Third row seating means you have room for everyone, seating up to seven adults (or half the soccer team) comfortably.

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Ralph Eppling

Joe Tarantini | Ralph Epplingunrated0
Joe Tarantini | Ralph Epplingunrated0